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Here’s a photo of a new painting commission I completed while on Easter lockdown - a beautifully restored Mini from the Shelsley Walsh 60th Anniversary of the classic Mini Day, August 2019.

40x50cm, acrylic on stretched canvas.

If you would love to commission something similar then please get in touch.

Ps: please share this post if you think someone you know would like a unique painting of their favourite car. Cheers👍

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  • Writer's pictureNigel Turner

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Snowdonia beach cleaned by the storm
“It goes so well with my colour scheme.”

Completed in February 2020 for a private commission, this client requested a seascape of a wide beach with an uninterrupted ocean view. It had to capture serenity and an inviting calmness, as if you could step into the painting and take the dog for a walk after a wintry overnight storm.

Although this painting is 100cm wide by 50cm tall you can see that a wide canvas allows a grand view to be captured whilst not dominating the room.

If you would like to commission your own seascape then please get in touch.

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